Friday, November 6, 2009

Six Things I Love About My Husband. And Also, An Introduction.

First off, the introduction. For a couple of reasons not important here, when I first started this blog I decided to keep my husband anonymous so I gave him a pseudonym and have been calling him Sam. For the record, his nickname within his family really is Sam so it wasn’t that great of a leap. However, I do not call him Sam and so it just felt weird. It also occurred to me that my sister is now engaged to a man who really is named Sam, sort of, which just makes it all the weirder. So I reconsidered and decided that if the other considerations ever become a factor, I’ll just have to figure out some other way to keep him anonymous there and so I’m letting him have his real name back.

Blog world, meet Ramsey (or “Rams”, as I more frequently call him). Ramsey, meet blog world. You are both pleased to have made the other’s acquaintance, I am sure.

Now for the fun part.

I love that Ramsey notices when I clean, even small things, like when I cleaned the bugs out of the light fixture on the kitchen ceiling.

I love that Ramsey can catch a baby completely unassisted. And not just by the skin of his teeth because no one else made it in time to help, but he can remember to warm the receiving blankets, change the sheets on the bed, prepare warm compresses, and, most importantly (sorry for this, men), support the perineum. Ladies, if you’re in labor and know you’re not going to make it to the hospital in time, call Ramsey.

I love that Ramsey spends hours playing in the yard with our kids and wrestles with them on the living room floor. Even though they outnumber him and are now starting to get big enough that they can actually inflict a bit of pain.

I love that not only is Ramsey extremely good at his work and does his best to provide for our family, he also remains committed to his job even when it means he must deal with gruesomely obnoxious people. This point came to mind because the last couple of days have been filled with said gruesomely obnoxious people.

I love that Ramsey cuts his own hair- and it actually looks good.

I love that Ramsey recognizes that he has a higher calling on his life than to slouch by from day to day, living for retirement.


  1. What great and unique things to write about your love for your husband! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What beautiful post! Can I steal your idea and TRY to praise my hubby? It will be a daunting task, but I think MAYBE I can manage it. Pretty Please!

    than to slouch by from day to day, living for retirement...That's my hubby! LOL

  3. I love your praises for your hubby. I think a lot of women should take time out and appreciate them instead of finding the negative. If only my mom would do that for my dad. Sigh...
    I wonder if he has a blog and praises you? Maybe he should write something here. =P

  4. Thanks for doing the intro Kristin...I'm your mom and I was getting confused!

  5. Wow, Ramsey sounds like a keeper!
    Lucky you.

  6. I hope I wasn't one of those "gruesomely obnoxious" people he had to deal with this week. Thanks for sharing him and his wonderful abilities with us this week to work on a great project. You forgot to mention that he is AWESOME at his job too!

  7. Thanks for all the comments on this post, everyone! It was definitely an enjoyable one to write. And, yes, he is most definitely a keeper, especially on days when I'm a grouch and can't be much fun to be with. That should have been #7- "I love that he puts up with all my bologna." ; )

    Heather, of course you can! I'll look forward to reading it.

    And, Mom, I'm so glad we cleared that up for you. : b

    Teresa, you absolutely were not one of the gruesomely obnoxious! Poor guy had quite a day on Tuesday, though. He's a pretty laid back, easy-going guy but, after 8 hours of riding alone in the car with one of them, he was positively shell-shocked. He reminded me of some sort of mental torture victim when he got home. He said by the end of the car ride, he felt like clawing at the door and screaming, "let me out!!" Even after tea, banana bread, a shoulder rub, and some reading time, he still wasn't completely back to himself. I genuinely felt sorry for him. And Wednesday was a whole other story, with a whole other person. If there's one thing you can say about his line of work, you meet all kinds of "interesting" people!

  8. And, Teresa, by the way, thanks for checking out my blog! : )

  9. A lovely post. It's so nice to read about love and respect.

  10. Thank you, Dreamfarm Girl. It's good to be married to a man who makes it so easy to write such lovely things about him. : )

  11. Your mom is funny.

    You sound about as lucky as I am, with my husband. Congratulations, and to him I'm sure. We'll be married 32 years in April.

    Thank you for visiting synch-ro-ni-zing. You were the first to mention that the statue was living. Brava!

  12. You're welcome, it was a pleasure! I must admit that I got a kick out of the comments about how life-like it looked. ; ) And thanks for visiting my blog, as well!