Monday, November 2, 2009

When Sperm Meets Egg

My three-year-old explains the moment of conception this way- “If a sperm gets to the egg, there’s a baby. If the sperm doesn’t get to the egg, no baby!” That pretty much sums up all that she knows about the conception process and it’s all I hope to need to tell her for some time. This brief conversation comes up with regularity at our house these days because I am six months pregnant and because she is happy to share her knowledge.

Last year I had the slightly uncomfortable pleasure of sharing about this topic in more detail with two of my older children. I certainly hadn’t planned to bring it up but there it was and so I got to have my first “the birds and the bees” conversation, from the telling end of it.

It came up during, of all times, our Bible study at the beginning of our home-school day. There I was, innocently reading through Genesis with them when we came to the verse that includes the words, “go forth and multiply”.

“What does that mean?” I was asked.

“Well, it means to go have children,” I answered.

“I know that. But how?”

There was no escaping it at that point. I plunged in and told the basic facts, from A to Z.

They weren’t impressed. Ew.” They had no more questions.

It’s not that I’m a prude. I like to think that I’m fairly open with my kids- Sam and I answer questions as they arise and we don’t hide our affection for each other from them. Well, occasionally I give his hand a slap. But generally speaking.

I think it somehow just feels like an intrusion on my own privacy to fill them in on this whole act of procreation thing. Once they know how it happens, then they’ll know what we've been up to. But maybe not. I’m a grown woman and I find myself perfectly content to believe that my own parents did only what was necessary to conceive the seven children that they had.

Huh. Ok, so maybe I’m a prude after all.


  1. I read a similar post last week about a woman who came across some of her father's play toys when she was a teenager. Yuck! I don't want to think about it either.

  2. I never had such talk with my parents. My mom just gave THE book, and she told me that if I had any questions to just go ask her. I only had one question, "I still don't understand what flaccid means." i had told her, "I looked it up on the computer and I still dont get it, and the book didn't have pictures for it." To be honest I was only interested in that word because I had watched American Pie and they mentioned it, but never explained what it meant.
    My mother's face was too funny when I asked. She never explained it to me right and in the end I asked my best friend's sister.
    I hope to be brace like you and actually have THE talk with my kids.

  3. I was just wondering..are all home schoolers, religous? My step mom, daughters #1 and #2 are all home schoolers and very religous.

    The Birds and Bees, must be a sign of the times. I didn't get that talk till I was 12.

    Good post!

  4. Corrie- Aahhh! How awful. I wonder how much therapy a person has to go through to get over an experience like that... lol

    book*addict, I have to say, my mom attempted to have that talk with me but I already knew a lot of what she was telling me and the parts that I didn't know, I didn't want to hear from *her*! I kept going, "Mo-om, stop!" Oh, well. I figured it all out eventually.

    And, Heather, nope, homeschooling is open to everyone! : )

  5. I loved reading this and will read more later! I really appreciated you comment on my blog. Hope to hear more from you!

  6. Thanks, Elizabeth! Come back anytime- I love visitors! : )

  7. We have had this talk recently with our youngest. Since then whenever he hears someone is pregnant he goes "oh I know how that happens" and then winks at me (in innocence) brings a new meaning to awkward!!!

  8. Ahhh! I think I would die of embarrassment! But, since it's not my child, I can laugh about it, instead, lol!

  9. I never got the birds and bees talk from my parents. I read a lot! :D :D Welcome back to the Land of Blog! Thanks for dropping by.

  10. You're very welcome and thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. Hey, just came over here from Welch Happenings blog. Good for you for being honest with your kids. Mine are 15, 18, and 22, and I can tell you the lessons need to be repeated many times over the years. Or else they'll get their information (skewed) from other sources...
    They'll be glad they can turn to their mom!

  12. Maureen, I agree, I definitely would prefer they hear it from me!

  13. You're not a prude at all. This is a question and phase that all children at some time of another go through and hearing the truth from your parents is important. I learned nothing from my parents and mostly heard about the procreation process through my friends - not recommended for any child!
    I must say that I'm impressed (and surprised) that your three-year old already knows the term sperm. I swear I didn't even know what that was all about until I was at least 13, maybe 14.

    Oh and since it's my first time here - Congratulations on being pregnant again :) Woo Hoo!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the tips on the Oreos. I will definitely do that next time - it makes so much sense and is cleaner & easier. Thanks! :)

  14. Jenni, I have to say, she probably wouldn't know the "s" word except that she asked how the baby got in mommy's belly! Thankfully she hasn't asked how the sperm got there- I'd like that conversation to wait a little longer! And thanks for the congratulations, too. We're very excited. : )

    Your very welcome for the tip on the the Oreos- it's definitely the best method I've come across. Throw away the bag when you're done, no dishes- perfect! And I enjoyed your blog.

  15. I'm single with no kids, so I won't be having to give the "talk" for a long time! Thank goodness!


    Thanks for stopping bye my blog!!